Why should I join LETS ?

Do you tick any of these boxes ?

□ I cannot get started on a job in my own home but I readily get started helping someone else at their home. (In other words I am good at procrastinating.)

□ I am reluctant to start a task on my own because I think I need some assistance.

□ I have some items which I rarely use but am reluctant to get rid of them. However I am quite willing to lend them to someone.

□ I would offer to help a neighbour tackle their untidy garden or other challenging task but donít feel I could do it on my own. However I would join a small group to do the same.

□ I would get down to a task but need some advice or help before I can get started.

□ I am a technophobe but would welcome some sympathetic help to encourage me overcome my reluctance.

□ I have some skills which I am happy to exercise on behalf of someone else.

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